Why to use Green Cleaning Products?

At Green Cleaning DFW, we use green cleaning products in our house cleaning services, helping keep your home germ and bacteria free

Have you ever wondered why you should use green cleaning products? Or what makes green cleaning products better?

There are several answers to those questions, but we are going to focus on the pollution caused by common household cleaning products.

In a new study by an environmental advocacy group, common household cleaners were found to increase the pollutants in the air. Out of 14 homes tested, 12 had the air quality rise above what most jurisdictions consider safe. What we can determine from this is that the common cleaners sold in stores do not take health into consideration when manufacturing their products.

At Green Cleaning DFW we use green cleaning products, so not only is your air quality not affected, you don’t have to worry about any chemical residue being left on your appliances, counter tops, etc.

Volatile organic compounds or VOC’s can cause irritation to the eyes, nose and throat. In addition the fumes can cause headaches, skin problems and asthma. Some compounds are even linked to cancer.

Many of the homes we clean have children living in them. Children are even more likely to be affected by pollutants in cleaners. In addition to children, pregnant women have a higher sensitivity to VOC’s and lower birth rates, lower IQ’s and delayed development can all be linked to VOC exposure in the pre-natal period.

Green cleaning product or eco-certified cleaning products produce significantly less VOC’s and provide an equal or better cleaning experience.

During the study green cleaning products showed to product 120% less VOC pollutants in the air after the cleaning. All of our products are green cleaning products, providing you with a safer environment and better air to breath.

If you are looking for a green cleaning company or need a house cleaner for your home, contact us today. We offer free quotes and serve the Rockwall area.

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