Why to Hire a Cleaning Company

Some people may ask, “Why should I hire a cleaning company ?”. While we offer many cleaning tips to help you keep your house in order sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything you need done. School just started back up and families Fall schedules are filling up, leaving less time for cleaning.

At Green Cleaning DFW we offer full service house cleaning as well as a-la-carte services. We offer scheduled cleaning services and one-time cleaning services.

If you are considering hiring a cleaning company or maid service, here are a few reasons to help you in your decision.

  1. Busy Schedule – If you do have a busy schedule, a maid service is perfect for you. We clean your house, keep it in order and you have time to do all the items on your list.
  2. Regular Cleaning – Having your home or office cleaned regularly guarantees that your space stays clean. Customers on a regular contract also receive lower pricing.
  3. Quality Cleaning – We provide quality cleaning services. We’ve had customers that have used other house cleaners previously and are amazed at the difference in quality we provide.
  4.  Custom Cleaning Plan – Each customer can provide a list of what they want us to focus on, include in our cleaning or disregard. Our plan is tailored to you.
  5.  Green Cleaning Products – We use green cleaning products, so your home is left smelling good and not toxic. All of our products are kid and pet friendly and use essential oils.

Hiring a maid service or cleaning service is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to maintain a clean home without the hassle of cleaning it themselves.

If you are seeking  a cleaning company, contact us today for a free quote.

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