What Has the Most Germs in Your Home?

House cleaning revolves around killing germs, cleaning up dirt and disinfecting various items in the home. Our house cleaning service uses green cleaning products, which are better for not only the homeowners and businesses we serve, but the environment.

One question that many people have about green cleaning items relates to their ability to kill germs. Even the items with the most germs in your home are neutralized with our green cleaning products.

So what has the most germs in your home? Recently the media has produced several articles on cell phones and just how dirty they are. The studies show that they have more germs than a toilet. Actually, toilets don’t harbor as much bacteria as you’d think. Toilets are typically cleaned and disinfected regularly, plus they are hard dry surfaces with little space for bacteria to take root.

Where do germs love to grow?

Kitchen sponge or dishrag: Sponges are the dirties place in your home according to a NSF International research study. Bacteria grow and feast in the sponge or rag…and many homeowners will use those same items to clean their counter tops and stove, spreading the bacteria to other locations.

Kitchen sink:
 Germs are allowed to grow here, especially E coli due to scraping off dishes on the way to the dishwasher or soak them before cleaning. It is a good idea to regularly clean your sink with bleach and water, using a 1:10 solution. And, don’t forget the drain plug, it has germs too!

Salt and Pepper Shakers: These are probably not items that most people would consider to have a lot of germs and need to be cleaned properly, however they are loaded with cold viruses. The ones in your home are probably much cleaner, but public salt and pepper shakers are one of the biggest germ hotspots. Items that are in your home that harbor a significant amount of bacteria are television remotes, door handles and refrigerator doors.

Coffee Tables:
 Kids and many adults rest their feet on the coffee table. Salmonella and fecal bacteria could be on the shoes you’re putting up on the coffee table, so take your shoes off when you come in the house. This will limit the ability of any bacteria to spread through your home.

Keeping your house clean is important for your families health. We provide an excellent home cleaning service, based in Rockwall. If you’d like a free quote or if you have any other questions, contact us today.

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