Summer Cleaning Tips

Many people think about Spring Cleaning and some even Fall, but what about summer? Whether you use a cleaning service or maintain your house on your own, we have some tips for summer cleaning.

The summer heat is here in the DFW and our part of the Metroplex isn’t any different. Rockwall and the surrounding areas have seen 100+ temperatures for the last several weeks and there is no end in sight (maybe October).

Summer Cleaning Tips

1. Use leftovers for cleaning supplies.  This might sound a little odd at first, but you can use items like lemons and oranges to help clean and freshen up the house. If you have some leftover lemon, you can use it to clean stainless steel fixtures and faucets. Just squeeze the lemon over the areas you want to clean and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. If you have some orange peel, you can run small amounts of it in the garbage disposal to help freshen up the smell of the kitchen.

2. Clean your grill. While the grill isn’t technically part of the house, it still can use to be cleaned. While the grill is still hot, take a wire brush and scrape it on the grill to clean off all the grime. If you have a major mess, take off the grate and use oven cleaner on it. Then scrape it off with a wired brush.

3. Cleaning water circles off of tables.  Summer time means pool parties and grilling out with friends. Which will inevitably lead to someone setting a drink down without a coaster. No problem. If you have this happen, take a full-fat mayonnaise to the water ring. Let is sit for an hour and wipe it off with a cloth.

4. Clean swimsuits immediately.   To keep swimsuits from fading, rinse them off as soon as possible when you are done swimming. Washing the suit will rinse off chlorine, salt water, oils from your skin and sunscreen. This will allow the color of your swimsuit to stay intact.

5. Keep Mold and Mildew in check. Washing machines can harbor mold and mildew during the summer months, especially in humid areas. To prevent this you can run an empty load with detergent and hot water. Once it is done leave the door to the washing machine open slightly to let it it air out.

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