How to Clean a House Professionally Checklist

As professional cleaners in Dallas Fort Worth TX, we at Green Cleaning DFW maintain very high standards in residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. It is only normal for cleaning service providers to be stricter and more disciplined than the average homeowner.

Please read on to learn more about how cleaning professionals create an extensive checklist on maintaining a spotless and germ-free house or business.

Residential Cleaning

A residential cleaning checklist involves more detailed work than in a commercial setting. Every part of the house should be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. Even before proceeding to cleaning, all cleaning supplies, i.e. rags, vacuums, mops, brooms, detergents, and pads, need to be accounted for. Afterwards, the house cleaners can proceed to accomplishing the following:

•        Give surfaces, i.e tables, countertops, appliances, sinks, boards, to name a few, a good, thorough dusting.

•        Vacuum all the carpets and/or rugs.

•        Sweep/vacuum and mop hard floor surfaces.

•        Empty trash containers.

•        Check toilets for possible buildups. If there is, make sure everything has been removed inside and out.

•        Wipe and shine mirrors, glass doors, and other glossy surfaces.

•        Change bed sheets and linens and make beds if necessary and upon request.

Summer Cleaning

During summer time, a few more extra tasks might be needed to be done aside from the given basic residential cleaning checklist. This is because the harsher heat and humidity can cause additional grime to build up. Scent-wise alone, we often recommend to our clients to switching their detergents, soaps, or sprays to scents that are light citrus, ocean breeze, or generally more refreshing.

Keep your eye on the floor, where guests may track in water from outside or dirt from around the house. If mud is tracked into your home, use a brush to rinse it off before cleaning any remaining stains.

In the summertime humidity, we advise thorough drying to avoid streaks on surfaces. Mildew and molds are more prevalent at basements, bathrooms, and under sinks. Mildews can mostly be eliminated with borax solutions, but certain types of mold may require a professional to attend to them.

Christmas Cleaning

The holidays is often the best time to conduct a deep or thorough cleaning of your house. Here is a brief checklist on how to make your house sparkling clean, right on time to welcome your upcoming holiday guests.

•        Thoroughly clean and seal granite countertops to protect them from spills.

•        Clean the interior of the oven, fridge, and microwave.

•        Put fresh bedding on guest beds.

•        Vacuum any upholstered furniture.

•        Use a damp cloth to wipe down baseboards, window sills, doors, and other trim.

•        Wash and shine windows.

•        Dust all the Christmas knick knacks before placing around the home.

•        Vacuum and mop floors without disturbing the Christmas tree.

•        Sweep up any scattered pine needles and tinsel.

•        Spot clean cabinet interiors in the kitchen and bathroom.

•        Clean and polish all door knobs.

•        Use carpet cleaner to remove stains from spilled drinks or food

Standard Cleaning

Standard residential cleaning is essentially more for removing all the dust, grime, certain stains, and clutter from one’s home. A typical house cleaning normally does not include more in-depth tasks like organizing the home, scrubbing individual knick knacks, or washing frames.

However, kindly take note that these standards, whether for regular days or holidays, are only guidelines and suggestions. The entire cleaning process will still depend on how your hired cleaning service provider conducts business.

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