House Cleaning Tips for Selling Your Home

Spring is here in the Rockwall area and many homeowners will move or sell their home over the next several months. While Spring cleaning tips are always good this time of year, we thought we’d provide some house cleaning tips for those that are selling their home.

Clean The Clutter

Life is messy and busy and many homeowners have clutter throughout the house. It could be the pile of kids toys that doesn’t really have a dedicated space or bookshelves of books that aren’t organized and make the room seem messy. If the house is crowded with “stuff” then a potential buyer may have a hard time imagining themselves in the home. The less clutter you have, the better the home shows and the better chance you have at selling your property.

Closets are often where we shove anything and everything. Make sure these spaces are well organized. You can add shelving to a closet for a minimal price, typically under $300. On average a home buyer will see a $2,000 increase on the price of their home. For a fairly inexpensive way to help make your home look clean, it is a must for anyone selling their home.

Focus You Cleaning

Spend the majority of your time cleaning the areas that homeowners look at the most. Kitchens, bathrooms and living areas are some of the most popular spaces a potential buyer will look at. Before you clean, check the labels of the cleaning products you are using to make sure they will work with the surfaces you have in those rooms. We use green cleaning products at Green Cleaning DFW, so double check your cleaners before you start the cleaning process.

Cleaning the Air

We DO NOT recommend using the air fresheners that are high in chemicals and actually end up making your house smell. Instead, make sure your trash has been taken out, your cat’s litter box is cleaned and, if you have young children, that your diaper hamper is emptied. You can also open the windows on occasion to help your house air out and let the outside air in.

Sometimes you may just need to clean your home quickly, in between showings. Just remember that it is best to keep and maintain the level of cleanness so that your home is ready at any time for a showing.

Contact us today for all of your house cleaning needs. We can clean your home while you are trying to sell it and clean it when you are moved out before the new owners move in.

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