House Cleaning with Kids

If you think house cleaning is tough enough, imagine having multiple kids or babies crying in the background. For the untrained homeowner or house keeper, this scenario alone can be very challenging. However, don’t let your worries of children hinder you from having fun in the entire cleaning process.

Foster teamwork.

Doing almost anything with a teammate or group that you work well with will always be more fun than doing it on your own. Instead of having one of your children clean the bathroom or surfaces in the living room, pair up and clean with them. At five years old, kids can help you clean by wiping out a sink or scrubbing the toilet. Later on, older kids will be able to take out the trash, sweep, and vacuum.

The long-term solution of cleaning together with your kid is you get to instill values of cleaning and taking care of one’s possessions.

Create a cleaning chart.

As parents, we take full responsibility in being their guide and showing or teaching them the right way to do things. However, telling our kids what to do may not always be the best route. In cleaning, for instance, they might find it more desirable when we give them some space to work and figure things out on their own.

What you can do instead is to make a cleaning chart or list of items for them to clean up. Studies show that many kids get to actually enjoy cleaning when they don’t feel any pressure or attention from their parents.

Play some music while cleaning.

Music is a great tool to make cleaning go faster and, more importantly, become more enjoyable. Play age-appropriate music that your children are familiar with so they can sing, dance, and move to the beat. Pretty soon they won’t even notice that they are cleaning.

Delegate big jobs to older kids.

Teenagers or children who are older might be uninterested in the team concept or treating cleaning like a team activity. Instead, they might need bigger, more challenging jobs assigned to them.

As they grow old the more your kids will see cleaning as a task or chore, so as an adult you need to be fair and more straightforward with them. They need to be delegated tasks that are challenging but not discouraging. Vacuuming, cleaning up the garage, washing the dishes, and organizing the closet are good tasks to start with.

Reward hard work.

Everyone loves rewards when they’ve done hard work. You can apply this idea at home by rewarding your children every time they complete a task. You can create a points system, where they can gather points to reach certain rewards or perks. On the other hand, you can also set up a cleaning day and give their favorite dinner (Who doesn’t love pizza and ice cream?) as the reward.

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