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Fate, TX

Since 2009, Green Cleaning DFW has been proud to offer professional residential and commercial cleaning services at competitive prices in Fate, Texas. We can handle simple to complex cleaning requirements to clean your home or business correctly and swiftly. Our premier residential and commercial cleaning specialists work hard to ensure that your space is cleaned to your specifications, timeline, and budget. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, ensuring we get the job done right every time. 

Why Choose Green Cleaning DFW Cleaning Services in Fate, Texas?

Here at Green Cleaning DFW, our sole mission is to take away the burden of cleaning your residential or commercial cleaning property off your shoulders so that you can focus your time and effort on more important activities. As a full-service cleaning company in Fate, TX,  we are committed to clean homes and businesses following the highest cleaning standards, making your indoor spaces healthy, safe, and comfortable. Our skilled cleaning professionals utilize a combination of time-tested cleaning techniques and eco-friendly cleaning products to get rid of dirt, dust, pollutants, allergens, and other foreign objects that impact the overall aesthetics, health, and wellness of your home or business. 

As a trusted cleaning contractor for commercial and residential properties, we have successfully delivered the best cleaning results in Fate, TX. Our team consists of fully vetted and expertly trained cleaning professionals that share our genuine dedication to quality workmanship and unmatched customer service. At Green Cleaning DFW, we leverage more than ten years of expertise in the professional cleaning industry to provide tailored cleaning solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our residential and commercial clients in Fate, Texas. Our dedicated residential and commercial cleaning professionals use industry-leading tools, equipment, and cleaning agents to impart superior cleaning results, thus providing customers in Fate, Texas, with clean, tidy, and hygienic spaces they deserve.

Our Services


At Green Cleaning DFW, we understand the stress that homeowners struggle with in keeping their homes in clean and tidy. We offer premier residential cleaning services in Fate, TX,  to make keeping a clean house easy, fast, and efficient. Our residential cleaning professionals provide reliable and intensive cleaning with importance given to the overall cleanliness, safety and sanitation of homes and apartments that we work on. Our comprehensive residential cleaning service can be obtained as a one-time residential deep cleaning service or as routine home cleaning service that can be scheduled in a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

You can now stop wishing for a clean home and get the superior cleaning results that you desire without lifting a finger. Get competitively priced rates when you obtain our routine house cleaning package here at Green Cleaning DFW. We provide premium cleaning services for residential owners in Fate, Texas. Whether you need a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly professional cleaning for your home, our house cleaners in Fate, TX, will impart a pristine look to enhance the comfort and overall feel of your home.

In most cases, a one-time, deep residential home cleaning service is all you need to turn your house around. Our team of reliable cleaning experts in Fate, TX, will provide you with the immaculately clean and sparkling finish you’re looking for. We use a combination of conventional cleaning products and green cleaning solutions to clean every nook and cranny in your home thoroughly. Our expert cleaning staff will clean all spaces and surfaces to restore your home to a spotless finish.

Our qualified cleaning specialists in Fate, TX, are equipped with the necessary cleaning tools to work safely and efficiently in the apartments and condominium spaces that we clean. We tailor our apartment cleaning services to match your space and budget. Coupled with advanced sanitation techniques, our residential cleaning service will give your family a high sense of comfort and peace of mind that your apartment is not only clean and tidy but also free from disease-causing microorganisms.

Green Cleaning DFW’s residential move-in & move-out package is available for renters and property owners who wish to maintain superior cleaning results during the move-in and move-out process. Our professional cleaners in Fate, TX, will implement a comprehensive clean from top to bottom to make an excellent impression on prospective sellers or renters. If you want to get your deposit back at the end of your lease, we have a team of moving-out cleaning specialists that will thoroughly clean the space, leaving it better than you found them.

Green Cleaning DFW holds a successful track record of satisfying our customers with our premium maid cleaning service for residential properties in Fate, Texas. Our team of background-checked, insured, and professionally trained cleaning experts will handle all cleaning chores around your house, from mopping floors, cleaning windows, bathroom sanitation, kitchen cleaning, and many more. Come home to a clean and sanitized home with the help of our dependable maid cleaning team.


Green Cleaning DFW will help solidify your organization’s reputation in the eyes of employees, clients, and guests by providing you a clean and healthy environment. Our comprehensive commercial cleaning service in Fate, TX, is guaranteed  to enhance your facility’s cleanliness, maximize operational efficiency, and boost confidence of everyone who enters your premises. We have a dedicated staff of commercial cleaners that can handle all your cleaning and maintenance needs based on your preferred frequency. Be it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly commercial cleaning, we will work around your schedule to conduct top-to-bottom cleaning services. Our comprehensive cleaning packages for commercial clients in Fate, TX, include office cleaning, window cleaning, bathroom sanitation, janitorial services, and post-construction clean-up, to name a few.

Make your facility’s first impression shine with excellence with our office cleaning service in Fate, Texas. Our commercial cleaning specialists will impart a comprehensive clean to promote a pristine working environment that guarantees optimum productivity, comfort, and wellness at the workplace. Using advanced commercial cleaning equipment, products, and eco-friendly cleaning agents, we ensure that your commercial property will look professional, hygienic, and spotless from top to bottom.

When you book a professional janitorial cleaning service through Green Cleaning DFW, we’ll work to accommodate your business hours and schedule.  Our expert janitorial staff in Fate, TX, will implement a customized cleaning plan based on your facility type and usage. We perform janitorial services with the utmost speed, precision, and professionalism, ensuring all common areas are cleaned and satisfied to the highest standards.

Our fully vetted and highly trained commercial cleaning specialists in Fate, TX,  will give you a first-class post-construction cleaning experience. At Green Cleaning DFW, we carry out post-construction cleaning that involves implementing intensive cleaning techniques to effectively remove all types of debris, dirt, and dust across all spaces and surfaces. We collaborate closely with contractors, architects, and individuals to develop a tailored post-construction cleaning solution that fits your needs.

About Fate, Texas

Fate is a small city located at the center of Rockwall County, Texas. The suburb has a total acreage of 12.02 square miles and an estimated population of 18,603 as of 2021. Due to this tiny suburb’s proximity to Dallas, most of the residents in Fate hold jobs in the big city. The low crime rate, excellent school system, and peaceful feel that Fate exudes make it one of Texas's safest places to live in. Despite its relatively small size, Fate is experiencing local economic growth, thanks to the increasing number of professionals and starting families that have decided to gain permanent residence in this beautiful city.  If you are a homeowner or a business owner looking for expert cleaning services in Fate, TX, look no further. As a trusted cleaning company servicing Rockwall County, Green Cleaning DFW offers professional cleaning services to residential and commercial properties in Fate, Texas. We are incredibly passionate workers who genuinely care about our clients. Our comprehensive cleaning services in Fate, TX, help you succeed in your cleaning goals. No matter the size or scope of your cleaning needs, our expert team of cleaners will deliver clean, hygienic, and tidy spaces that meet your needs and budget.

Why Hire Green Cleaning DFW?

Green Cleaning DFW has consistently delivered professional cleaning services to our customers in Fate, Texas, for more than a decade. Our commitment to excellent cleaning results and customer service is unmatched. We dominate the residential and commercial cleaning industry by utilizing tried-and-tested cleaning methods and innovative green cleaning solutions to deliver healthier and safer home and business settings. As a dedicated cleaning company, we always strive to pursue the highest cleaning and safety standards to elevate the cleaning experience of every customer that we serve. Green Cleaning DFW is your expert cleaning company of choice for all your residential and commercial cleaning needs in Fate, Texas. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.