Fall Cleaning

Everyone thinks about Spring cleaning, but Fall can be just as important. A good Fall cleaning can prepare your home for parties, events and holiday meals. Over the summer you may have used sports gear tracked in dirt from being outside more or just been too busy to take a good look at what needs cleaned in your home.

Fall takes a while to take root in the Rockwall area, so the good news is you have some time before winter actually sets in. Even though some of these items are not something we handle, it is a good idea to check these five areas of your home.

1. Gutters – Leaves fill gutters causing several issues. Full gutters mean the rain can spill over and eliminate the purpose of having gutters. Get out a ladder and check the gutters around your home and clean them out. Some tools you may need: a stiff brush, trash bag, safety goggles and gloves. Leaves can also harbor insects and cause a need for a pest control expert to handle it. Fall cleaning isn’t always easy, but it should be done to help maintain your home.

2. Kitchen – the one area of the house that is used multiple times a day, along with your restrooms, needs a good cleaning in the Fall. We’ll start with the refrigerator. Take out all the contents, get rid of anything that isn’t fit for eating and wipe out the shelving, drawers and outside. If you don’t have a self-cleaning stove, then roll up your sleeves and attack it. Specifically look for any dried or hardened food. Your dishwasher may need a good wipe down and potentially some deodorizer.

3. Your Car – from summer road trips to sports and other outdoor activities your vehicle is likely in need of a good car detailing. Get out a vacuum and purchase some wipes specifically made for cars. Take out the floor mats, car seats and anything else that you may have that can come out and give it a good deep cleaning. If you prefer to have the car detailing done for you, find a local car wash.

There are numerous other items around you home to check for a full Fall cleaning. Your garage, A/C equipment, carpets, blinds and drapes are just a few. Need a Fall cleaning of your home or someone to come on a regular basis? Call us today for a quote or fill out our cleaning quote form online.

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