Eco-Friendly Maid Service

Our Heath, TX house cleaning company, Green Cleaning DFW, is eager to provide the people of Heath residential cleaning services on an occasional or routine basis. We can arrange emergency green cleaning service when a customer needs a home sanitized quickly before a party or after the party ends. The customers who call our house cleaner company are concerned about the environment, including avoiding pollution with volatile chemicals or creating additional waste with paper towels. In addition, with our green maid service, we don’t waste water while sanitizing a home’s surfaces such as floors, walls or countertops. Our eco friendly maid service Heath, TX is popular with any homeowner who wants to take care of the earth by avoiding waste or pollution. As well as Heath, Green Cleaning DFW is also happy to serve the people in the north Texas cities of Rockwall, Fate, Royse City, Caddo Mills, Poetry, Lavon, Wylie, Sachse, Rowlett, Garland and Forney with expert green cleaning services, both residential and commercial. There are multiple benefits from our green maid company in north Texas, including: • A reduction of exposure to airborne or surface toxins • Preventing respiratory distress from an asthma attack • Protecting family pets from dangerous chemical contamination • Improving a home’s air quality without using dangerous chemicals • Removal of household dust, pet hair and pollen • Eliminating dangerous pathogens such as viruses and bacteria • Protecting the earth’s water, soil and air from chemical contamination • Keeping volatile toxins away from fabrics such as carpets, draperies and upholstery • Avoiding paper waste while keeping a home clean It is easy to contact us for nontoxic cleaning services with a telephone call or email to our office in Rockwall, Texas.

Green Maid Cleaning Services

When a homeowner is worried about the toxins used in most store-bought cleaning products, calling us for green maid services is the perfect choice. With green clean service Heath, a home is sanitized with environmentally safe products that are made from natural substances such as essential oil, baking soda or vinegar. Our company will also provide soft microfiber cloths to sanitize surfaces so that we don’t fill local landfills with paper waste. When a homeowner contacts our green cleaning services company, we collect information such as the customer’s telephone number and address. In addition, we can provide a package of maid green cleaning services in Heath TX that are designed for making your north Texas home spotless. However, a customer contacting us can also request customized cleaning services that will still require the use of safe biodegradable cleansers. Our maids are trained to work efficiently by cleaning a room in a particular order from one side of a room to another or by cleaning a room from top to bottom. With this type of cleaning, each surface is sanitized and all of the debris in the home is removed as fast as possible. A homeowner can remain in the home during the cleaning process, but it is also possible to leave the property while the building is sanitized by our employees. Customers can count on our cleaning company for efficient and safe home sanitation services.

Eco Green Cleaners

One of the best aspects of calling us for green cleaning services is that we provide the cleansers and tools for sanitizing a home. This means that a homeowner doesn’t need to shop for a variety of cleansers or buy new mops, buckets and vacuum cleaners. Our maids will arrive with an assortment of equipment and environmentally friendly cleansers to wash windows, mop floors, dust furniture and sanitize all of the plumbing fixtures in the bathrooms or kitchens. After every surface in the home is clean, the maids will collect any empty containers and soiled cleaning cloths to bring the items back to our facility for sanitizing or disposal. When a homeowner enters a room or a home, it will look clean without having any strong chemical odors from cleansers such as furniture polish, window cleaner or sanitizing products. A homeowner won’t need to open the windows or turn on exhaust fans to remove the foul odors from oven cleaners or toilet sanitizers. Children and family pets can play on the clean carpets and floors without worrying about absorbing toxins through the skin that can lead to rashes or long-term health conditions.

Eco Friendly Green Maid Service Heath TX

With maid green cleaning services, a homeowner won’t need to use an air purification system or room deodorizers after we leave because the rooms in a home will smell fresh and clean. All of the cleansers that our green cleaning company provides to our maids are also 100 percent biodegradable, preventing pollution in the soil and groundwater. With our eco friendly maid services, a home’s toilets, floors and sinks are sanitized with cleansers that don’t contain petroleum, ammonia or rubbing alcohol. When our green cleaning company sends maids to a home, we supply sanitized cloths for washing all of the surfaces, and the items are placed in a container so that we can wash the items thoroughly before the items are used again.

Lavon TX Green Clean Cleaning Company

The homeowners who want maid green cleaning services don’t want to have annoying chemical odors in the air because this can lead to an allergic reaction. Our eco green cleaners also wipe away any residue while scrubbing bathroom or kitchen fixtures so that our customers won’t have a sticky surface from the sanitizers. The green clean services from our house cleaner company are perfect for families with young children who crawl on the floor or who touch the surfaces in a kitchen or bathroom. At Green Cleaning DFW in Rockwall, Texas, we offer high-quality cleaning services at homes in our city and nearby regions. All of our employees are background screened at the local, state and federal level to protect our customers. In addition, our family-owned company provides insurance and bonding for each employee. We train our employees to use safe and nontoxic cleansers in small quantities to avoid waste and pollution. When homeowners call us for service, we arrange a cleaning time that is convenient, and our maids arrive in logo-embellished vehicles. For additional protection, a maid will also wear a logo-embellished uniform while working in a home. Call us today at 972-836-8199 to arrange professional eco friendly maid service in a home on a routine or emergency basis.

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