Deep House Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning DFW provides exceptional quality deep house cleaning services in Rockwall, TX and surrounding communities.

Life's Too Short To Spend In Mopping floors and scrubbing toilets!

Everyone loves a clean house, but it's a real chore to keep it clean. Think of all the things you could be doing this weekend if only the house was already clean! 

A maid scrubbing a countertop as part of Green Cleaning DFW's deep house cleaning service in Rockwall, TX

Our House Deep Cleaning Service Will Make Your House Sparkle

When your home or apartment needs a really thorough and detailed cleaning, our deep cleaning service is the answer.

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    Hand washing woodwork (baseboards, doors, door frames, window sills, stairway swindles, etc.)

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    Detailed dusting of the entire homw

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    Thorough vacuuming and mopping of all floors

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    Deep cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen and bathrooms

A Deep Cleaning Is Great For A One-time Or Occasional Cleaning


One-time Deep Cleaning. If it's been a while since your home was thoroughly cleaned, our deep cleaning is the right choice to get your home back in top-notch condition.

Occasional Deep Cleaning. Many of our clients opt to have a deep cleaning to maintain the home's cleanliness. We recommend a deep cleaning at least once or twice a year.

Initial Clean For Recurring Service. Our deep cleaning service is the preferred cleaning to start a recurring maid service. This allows us to get the home thoroughly cleaned and ready to be maintained with regular cleaning visits.

Special Occasion Cleaning. Our deep clean is excellent if you're planning a special occasion or if you have guests scheduled to visit. We'll help you get your home looking great and ready for entertaining!

a spotless bedroom just after a deep house cleaning service in Rockwall, TX by Green Cleaning DFW
a freshly cleaned kitchen just after a deep house cleaning in Rockwall TX by Green Cleaning DFW

Eco-Friendly & Green Cleaning Products That are better for your family and pets

One of the many things you can be happy about when using Green Cleaning DFW for your cleaning needs is that we use eco-friendly and green cleaning products for deep cleaning. We are passionate about doing the responsible thing to protect the earth and your family. Therefore, most of our cleaners are natural, green cleaning products that are non-toxic.

  • Green cleaning is better for your family's health.
  • Safer for pets and children.
  • Better for the environment.

If you want the best deep house cleaning services near Rockwall, TX, and surrounding areas, give Green Cleaning DFW a call now. We're here to answer all of your questions.

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What's Included In Our Deep Cleaning Service

All Rooms

  • A 2-step stool will be used to deep clean all high shelving & decor within reach 
  • Hand clean blinds within reach & vacuum when necessary 
  • Deep clean all ceiling fans & light fixtures within reach
  • Hand clean trinkets, frames, and decor
  • Deep clean tops, sides & fronts of furniture
  • Wet wipe all baseboards
  • Deep clean window sills & ledges
  • Deep clean doors & door frames
  • Clean light switches & outlets
  • Remove trash & replace liners
  • Remove spider webs 
  • Vacuum carpet & rugs 
  • Vacuum & mop all hard floors
  • Vacuum & mop all hard floors.


  • Clean & sanitize countertops.
  • Clean & sanitize sinks and fixtures.
  • Clean, sanitize & polish the outside of appliances.
  • Clean & sanitize the interior of the microwave.
  • Spot clean cabinets.
  • Spot clean backsplash.
  • See All Rooms for more.


  • Clean & sanitize countertops.
  • Clean & sanitize sinks & fixtures,
  • Clean mirrors.
  • Clean, sanitize & deep scrub toilets from top to bottom 
  • Deep scrub any build-up of mold, mildew & soap scum in showers and tubs 
  • See All Rooms for more.


  • Make beds.
  • Change sheets when clean sheets are provided.
  • See All Rooms for more.


  • Clean interior windows
  • Clean the interior of the oven
  • Clean the interior of the refrigerator/freezer
  • Clean the interior of the dishwasher

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Frequently Asked Questions

A recurring cleaning (like our recurring maid services) is a cleaning of the entire home, focusing on surface dusting, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, and floors. It includes tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down countertops, perfect for maintaining cleanliness in between deep cleans. On the other hand, deep cleaning goes the extra mile. It tackles the nitty-gritty, often-neglected areas like baseboards. Deep cleaning is all about removing deep-seated dirt and grime, making your space feel brand new. So, while regular cleaning keeps things looking good on the surface, deep cleaning gets into every nook and cranny for a thorough, refreshing overhaul.

The number of deep cleaners we send will depend on the size and condition of your home. Typically, we will send two cleaners.

The duration can vary based on the size and condition of your home. It may take several hours with a team of cleaners to a full day for a comprehensive deep cleaning.

Generally, you don't need to do much prep work, but it's helpful to declutter surfaces, pick up clothing and toys, and provide clear access to the areas that need cleaning. Remember that our goal during a deep cleaning is not to "organize things,' but to deeply clean surfaces throughout the home. 

While deep cleaning covers many areas, it doesn't include everything.

For example:

  • For the safety of our cleaners, we don't allow them to lift or move heavy furniture, so cleaning under these pieces of furniture is limited to what they can reach.  
  • We don't clean windows. You can add interior windows to a deep ceiling for an additional fee.
  • We don't clean porches or patio areas.
  • We don't move appliances, therefore we don't clean under them.

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