Cleaning Your Home Quickly

When many of our clients are searching for a maid service or home cleaning service, they aren’t looking for someone to clean their home because they can’t keep up with the everyday cleaning. They are searching for a maid service to do the heavy lifting. Although many homeowners may struggle to keep up with the daily cleaning, even if they get behind, they can quickly catch up.

Tips for Cleaning Your Home Quickly

Pets and animals are like family to many and therefore they sit where the family sits….on the couch. To clean your couch quickly use your hands. Instead of trying a lent roller, use your bare hands and run your hands over the areas with hair. If your upholstery is water-safe, a wet glove works best.

For crumbs in crevices, your vacuum cleaning is the fastest solution. A quick run with the upholstery attachment should clean up all the small crumbs and debris.

To clean a ceiling fan quickly, get a blanket or cloth and lay it underneath the fan. Use a step stool duster that extends to reach the fan blades. Run the duster over both sides of the fan blades. If you don’t have a duster, you can use a dry cloth to collect and knock the dust off the fan blades.

Clogged air conditioner filters make your A/C unit work harder and therefore increases the cost of running the unit. Use your vacuum’s soft brush tool to run over the vent for the A/C return and clean off any dust and dirt.

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