Cleaning and Disinfecting After COVID-19

With Texas beginning to reopen and get back to business, it is important to remember that you can bring back germs to your home and cleaning your home becomes even more important.

We aren’t entirely out of danger yet, cases of COVID-19 are still present within Rockwall County and surrounding areas. But, as we move out of sheltering in place, there are some things to consider when it comes to cleaning your home. Following the CDC and guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting is a great starting point for keeping your home germ free. As it states in the article, there is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning: The removal of germs, dirt and other impurities from surfaces. It does not kill germs, it simply reduces the number of germs. Disinfecting: Using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. It does not necessarily clean the dirty surfaces, but by disinfecting after cleaning it can further reduce the risk of spreading infection. The CDC also recommends regular cleaning of surfaces that are commonly touched like: doorknobs, table tops, counter tops, switches, handles, knobs, etc. Cleaning and disinfecting your home provides you the best chance to stay safe during this unprecedented time. In addition as we move out of shelter in place, it will be come increasingly important that you clean and disinfect your home regularly. We, of course, provide regular cleaning service, weekly, monthly or whatever fits your schedule. But, if you are one that is going to work regularly or as restrictions lift is out in the public more, it would be wise to wipe down some common areas daily. The cleaning doesn’t stop with your household items. Your phone is carried everywhere inside and outside your home and can have just as many germs on it as anything else you own. Take your favorite cleaning solution and use it on the phone and use a good disinfectant on your phone as well. While these tips for cleaning and disinfecting especially apply to our current times, they are great rules to follow during flu season or other parts of the year with high risk of spreading germs. For regular cleaning, one-time cleaning or a deep cleaning contact us today at 972-836-8199.

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