Christmas House Cleaning Checklist

Christmas house cleaning is usually more stressful than the rest of the year. With Thanksgiving approaching and Christmas around the corner, we are sharing a Christmas House Cleaning Checklist to help lower your stress. Not only do you want to keep your house clean, but there is the challenge of cleaning with kids .

Cleaning the house for Christmas can be a large task, and if you aren’t hiring a cleaning company, we’ve put together a Christmas House Cleaning Checklist.

1. About two weeks before Christmas, clean the entire house. Make sure it is a deep clean and then just maintain the house until the New Year.
2. If you do have kids, create a chore list and delegate some of the easier items to capable children. Post the chore list for accountability.
3. Decide on what items need regular maintenance between your deep clean and Christmas. Develop a plan to make sure those items are completed regularly.
4. If you plan to have your carpet cleaned, lawn fertilized , house sprayed for pest control , home professionally cleaned, windows washed or any other home service, make sure you call early to schedule the appointment. Home services peak during the holiday season. Schedule early to avoid missing out.
5. Decide on any special chores or cleaning that you may not do throughout the year like polishing silver or ironing table linens.

Hopefully our Christmas House Cleaning Checklist helps relieve some of the stress. Of course, not everyone has time to keep their home clean during the holiday season or throughout the year. That is why we offer a great cleaning service in the Rockwall area committed to quality at affordable prices all year.

Contact us today for any of your cleaning needs. We offer regular cleaning services, one-time cleaning services and commercial cleaning services.

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