Bathroom Cleaning Tips

When it comes to house cleaning, the taking care of the bathrooms might be the least pleasant part that many homeowners do not look forward to doing. Cleaning the mirrors and tiles, removing the grout, stains, and mildew, and making sure that the shower area or bathtub are spotless — These are only some of the some of the least enjoyable aspects that need to be accomplished in bathroom cleaning.

However, as unpleasant and taxing as it seems, bathroom cleaning (aside from kitchen cleaning) requires the most attention to detail among all.

Below are a few insights from our team here at Green Cleaning DFW to help make your bathroom cleaning easier and faster to deal with.

Toilet Cleaning

As the most frequently used item in your house, it’s important to keep your toilet clean. In order to scrub the toilet bowl efficiently, it is highly recommend dousing it with some baking soda and then using undiluted vinegar water. Afterwards, use a reusable brush to get rid of any stains or lingering odors.

To help keep your toilet clean, avoid flushing things that do not break apart in water. Such items can cause clogs in the plumbing system.

If your child is making a mess while toilet training and you are unable to clean them immediately, utilize the same two ingredients, i.e. baking soda and vinegar, to in cleaning the bathroom floor and the exterior of the toilet.


To clean the bathroom mirrors, use vinegar and water in equal parts, or use one part vinegar to three parts water. If you have a microfiber cloth, use it to clean the mirrors. Otherwise, use an old cut-up t-shirt or newspaper. Do not use paper towels because they leave residue that can be hard to get rid of on mirrors.

You can use the same trick for cleaning bathroom mirrors. Just make sure the surfaces are wiped properly.

Counters, Tile, Showers, and Bathtubs

Try a 50/50 combination of vinegar and water to clean tile cabinets, countertops, cabinets and shower walls. For larger tough build-ups in the shower use baking soda combined with hydrogen peroxide from an undiluted bottle. Also if you have grout in your tile flooring or tiled showers, try using baking soda followed by a little undiluted hydrogen peroxide.

Get Professional Bathroom Cleaning Today!

As previously stated, among all the types of house cleaning, bathroom cleaning can easily take up a huge chunk of your time. It also requires a lot of attention. Not to mention most common household items used for cleaning the bathroom contain harmful chemicals, which might endanger yours and your family’s health.

We at Green Cleaning DFW can help make your bathroom look and smell like new. We offer extensive residential cleaning services, which include bathroom cleaning. Our team have years of experience and will make sure that your bathroom will be free from mildew, stains, or accumulated dirt. We currently serve the following cities: Rockwall, Heath, Fate, Royse City, Caddo Mills, Poetry, Lavon, Wylie, Sachse, Rowlett, Garland and Forney, Texas. Aside from our quality cleaning service, we at Green Cleaning DFW take pride in our use of only safe, eco-friendly cleaning products. Learn more about our residential cleaning services when you call us at (972) 836-8199 today!

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